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Mathieu, a transition traveler


Mathieu, who are you, where are you?

I’ve decided to live my life instead of undergo life. I want to go on dreaming. After 6 years in a training center, 3 diplomas and a one month employment contract, I follow my desires. Living this life, the present, give me happiness and I try, as far as possible, to share in all my activities (edition, workshops, conferences, consulting). That’s why I say I’m a « little seeds sower ».

I’m working as an itinerant farmer for a short while, and I love it.

Since november 2011, I’m a nomad, living few weeks here and there in alternative places, mainly in France. I have covered 1000 miles between France and Spain. Now I’m going back to Bretagne, my birth place.


United Nations Decade on Biodiversity


BiodiverCity is THE point here, on That's why it seems natural for me to support the United Nations Decade on Biodiversity.

United Nations Decade On Biodiversity

A decade for Biodivesity, why?

"The world is now on a path to building a future of living in harmony with nature. In October 2010, in Japan, governments agreed to the Strategic Plan for Biodiversity 2011-2020 and the Aichi Targets as the basis for halting and eventually reversing the loss of biodiversity of the planet...


Come on, farm my yard!


The SBB (SeedBombBlog!) is also a place to introduce BiodiverCity activists.
For the first interview, I'm glad to welcome Albert, from Farm My Yard.
Albert answered few questions...


The seedbomb adventure starts now!


A beautiful adventure is starting now, under our feet... I see the horizon, where BiodiverCity is a reality, in our cities, worldwide!

But right now, it's time to play! It's very easy :) I invite you to discover the seeds soweb by the community members! Comment, share, have fun!


Online press takes an interest in!


French online press takes an interest in! What a good news...

Article on
"Seedbomb, le tableau de chasse de la nature en ville

L'Ange du 12/12/12 s'appelle Rebecca Armstrong : elle a 35 ans aujourd'hui et vient d'inaugurer, à 12h12 pétantes, un site Internet dont l'ambition est de faciliter la mise en réseau des initiatives et des acteurs qui reverdissent nos cités."

To read more, go there!


Logo challenge!


For his official birth, next wenesday, seedbomb needs a logo. The students of ENSA school, in Rouen took up the challenge...

Six of them offered their imagination and drew on paper what was coming in their mind, while thinking to 

Here is their work... Enjoy!


Here we are!


Today, every one can join

You, yes you!

You an urban nature photographer? Create your account and share your pictures!

You are an activist of BiodiverCity? Create your account, share your initiatives and propose new ones!

You are an artist? Create your account, share your eco-pieces made of moss, leafs, ... is here to connect all initiatives for greener cities!



Guided tour!


Only few days before seedbomb network official launching... 12.12.12 !  Waiting for that day, here is 7 tips, to discover seedbomb network!


Seedbomb Premium!


If you read those lines and if we are before 12.12.12 12h12, it means that you are a VIP visitor of seedbomb network! Wawww...


Seedbomb is in Anacoluthe!

0 comments's official launching time is on december 12, at 12h12. So many 12!!
But already one website is talking about the seedbomb network...


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