Nature Network

"Little or great, in city or countryside, it's easy to give a place to nature on your plot. You' re an individual, a school, a firm, a community, ...? Nature Network of Natagora is here to help you in our nature project (advices, visits, website full of information). But also to highliht your project (label). Discover more on"


"Promote individual transition, to recus human being as an actor of change. Ghandi said "Be the change you want to see in the world". Wesee today alternative way of life (alternative agriculture, cooperative movement, back to local, ...) to face the negative impacts of our classical economical development. Our association is to promote all this original initiatives. Live differently is possible, that's what we show in our website. We share travel experiences and also life choices, often considered as marginal. Our association is a place for exchanges and advices, a place of expression for the people, growing every where, people looking for recovery of their life choices. Learn more on our website." partnerships