What is seedbomb.net?

Seedbomb.net, it is you !

You are a seedbomber, a guerilla gardener, an urban farmer, a green street artist, a guerilla grafter, an urban beekeeper, or more?
You want greener cities,
You are a citizen, an architect, an artist, an NGO, a farmer, or more?
You know that biodiversity should be preserved everywhere,
You want to see nature sprouting out in your neighborhood, from streets, in places where we forgot it could be,

Seedbomb.net is just for you: come, travel, connect, share and enjoy!

Seedbomb.net is your worldwide network, to grow greener cities. It offers you the opportunity to localize, discover and share urban green initiatives.


What is the map?

Thanks to the map, travel around you, and then all over the world… You will find green initiatives, with pictures and information! You are already a city ecohacktivist? Register and map your actions.


Why become a user?

You want to be part of the network? Create an account and then you can start sharing what you did, do or will do for greener cities. Create a “seed”, your green-contribution, add pictures and connect with users! “Steal" ideas, and cities will become more and more green. It's up to you!

We do believe that ideas, initiatives to green cities are commons. Sharing is the best ways to reach our goal: cities of biodiversity.

We are the future of cities! Join us.


Seedbomb loves pictures!

Here, we do love pictures. Please, add pictures, a lot of pictures of your green hacktivism. Seedbomb becomes sexier and sexier, beautiful, thanks to your pictures.


Who’s behind seedbomb.net?

Rebecca Armstrong, I am French, found of ecology, networking. One day, I woke up and said: “things are changing everywhere. Ideas are everywhere. But there is no place to connect all this creativity”. OK. My mission is… create Seedbomb.net!

You can find me here too: rebeccarmstrong.net & dressingethique.wordpress.com

Arnaud Mary, I am a French web developer. When Rebecca sent me this e-mail “Hey Arnaud, I’ve got a web project. About cities, ecology, hacktivism…” I said YES. Here I am now.


Photos: mikemns

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