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Back to Belgium, with Jacques


Few weeks ago, we were in Belgium, where we discovered a lot of initiatives and activists for urban biodiversity. In association or individualy, they contribute to change our cities. Great! 

Today, we are going back to Brussels, to meet Jacques... 


My name is Jacques, I am a pensioner (in France, they say "retired", but the result is the same!)

Since 2003, I spend time on my passions about nature and its beauty: ornithology classes, nature-guide training, etc.

During these trainings, I have of course focused on understanding and sustaining biodiversity.

I crisscross the Bussels region, my NIKKON D300 in hands, to keep pictures, in particular all the places where Mother Nature takes its rights back: along the walls, on wastelands, etc.


Seedbombs from L.A., when ecology & social meet


Los Angeles... At first sight, this town makes me think of cinema's studio, cars everywhere, sun, château Marmont. But, if I search, opening eyes, I found treasures. Kim & Daniel are ones of this treasures. Thanks to them, L.A. has a new face, I should say a new landscape... Encounter with those entrepreneurs, part of the movement for BiodiverCity...


EK loves seedbomb network


It's such a pleasure to read about seedbomb network...
The magazine EK (february/march 2013), about architecture and urbanism, devotes almost one page to seedbomb... GREAT!!!


Dusty, President of the European Federation of Green Roof Associations


Few weeks ago, we met ToitsVerts. Today, I'm glad to introduce you to Dutsy, a green roof activist...

Dusty, Who are you, where are you?

First and foremost I am a nature lover (since I feel out of a baby chair chasing a robin) who is now the President of the European Federation of Green Roof Associations. I got to this distinguished position through campaigning and challenging the professionals norms that said green roofs COULD not be used on buildings. I am still passionate that biodiversity should be of equal importance when green roofs are considered and not just high end 'engineering' reasons. I am in London where green roof work started and where a lot of my work is. However I am lucky to range widely over the world as a public speaker and advisor - from South Korea to Canada, Sweden to Turkey Seattle to Auckland. If I can fly the flag of nature and green roofs I will.


seedbomb network is spreading...


Two month ago, was born... It still young, but already exists all over the world!

Almost... ;)


True encounters, that's seedbomb spirit!


Till now, we share only through screens. It’s nice but frustrating… I want more. I want to meet you, see your smiles, hear you talking about BiodiverCity and all those topics that make you thrill. 
I want the Seedbonb Network to be an opportunity for beautiful encounters, here and there, in your city…


Piante Volanti and the flying cans


Piante Volanti, who are you? Where are you?
My name is Gianni Manfredini, I live in Milano, Italia and I'm 48. First of all I'm a parent (three daughters and a son), and urban cyclist.
Your activism for urban nature is art. Do you agree?
Mmmmm.. I should say no, because the "technique" of piante volanti is such a simple thing that looks strange call that "art". But my original idea, it's true, started from the pourpose of making micro green-street-art-installations.


PlantCatching: free your seeds!


Today, I take you to Montreal ! Yes, there are a lot of initiatives in this city. Do you remember Daisy?
This time, Nicolas is the guide…
Nicolas, who are you, where are you?
I’m French, 42 years old, maried, 3 children, and I’m living in Montreal since 2000. I live at the ground floor of a duplex, in a green family neighborhood, where gardens are small.
Software developer since always, I am my own boss since 2006 and few years later, I started having interest in gardening.


Sweden, let's meet Ulrika!


Ulrika, who are you? Where are you?

I'm a Swedish city gardener, garden writer, journalist and photographer. I live in Stockholm.

You wrote a book, could you tell us more?

For several years now I have been writing about urban farms, allotment gardens, city gardening and guerrilla gardening. Recently I published a book on the subject - "Street smart gardening" or in Swedish: "Gatsmart odling" - with examples from different types of urban gardens, tips and advices on to create a kitchen garden of your own on the balcony, the small garden outside the house, or in the park.


BiodiverCity network

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