Concrete Utopias festival


Spring is here and with it come the buds, the flora which opens and colors our landscape, even urban.

Why not to make the most of it and plant in return, share and propose news ideas to feed on short circuits?

From 1st to 5th of May, the "Concrete Utopias" festival (with a double meaning in English that doesn't exist in French !) proposes to think, laugh, eat, imagine, plant, reinvent…




Sat 27 or Sun 28April:

Activity of planting potatoes on a fallow land in Montesson, organized by Guerrilla Gardening.


Sat 27 April , 02:00 pm - 05:30 pm:

Workshop "constructing vegetable planters". Event co-organized by Incredible Edible, Colibris, Montreuil en Transition and Disco Soupe.

Venue: Cité de l'Espoir, Centre Pablo Picasso, 8 place du 14 juillet 93100 Montreuil


Wed 1st May, 03:00pm:

The "Jour des Tournesols" (International Sun Flower Day), sponsored by Guerilla Gardening, will be an opportunity to "encircle" Paris with plants.

Venue: in front of the workshop "C'est Pointé", corner of rue Vitruve and rue des Orteaux (Paris 20th district).


Thu 2 May, 07:00pm-10:00pm:

Meeting / Discussion "From collective gardens to public space: what place for urban agriculture?". Animated by Fréderique Basset (Graine de Jardin), with Jacky Libaud, Sandrine Baudry, Marie Dehaene, Guerrila Gardening, …

Venue: Maison des Acteurs du Paris Durable 21, rue des Blancs Manteaux 75004 Paris.

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Fri 3 May 02:00pm-07:00pm:

Beekeeping in practise. With Miel de Quartier.

Venue: 71 bis rue Pierre de Montreuil, 93200 Montreuil.


Fri 3 May 07:00pm

Night "From bees to fruits". Interventions around beekeeping, its products, bees and pollination, fruit-eating and urban orchards (Ville Comestible).

Contribution: ONE fruit, bring your own fruit to participate to the frugivorous meal! On the menu: degustration, sangria, fruits salad and music!

Venue: TBC


Sat 4 May:

A full day of action and activities around "Urban Food and Agriculture", sponsored by Incredible Edible and Montreuil en Transition, and linked with the Festival "All Actors" in Montreuil.

Comme and make vegetable plant holders with recycled pallets and other materials! Bring your own electric drill (if you can)!

04:00 pm – 07:00 pm: DiscoSoupe (come and taste the soup made with unsold vegetables from the market, free contribution!)

And also: Seedbomb workshop with Vélorution.

Venue: Halle du Marché de Croix de Chavaux (Montreuil).


Sun 5 May 10:00 am – 07:00 pm: Permaculture Day: urban agriculture it on the right tracks. Concrete collective actions around the "Petite Ceinture" (green circle of abandoned railways) in Paris.

Initiation to Permaculture, gardening practical workshops, walk around edible plants, music, picnic, ateliers pratiques de jardinage, balade autour des plantes comestibles, musique, pic-nic, transhumance, seeds barter (Troc de graine), collective reliance yoga session, open stage, "Les grains en folie" (crazy seeds), …

Venue: 5 Rue Florian, Paris 20th district.


And to go on with the festival…

Sun 12 May: On the food crops great circle ("grande ceinture vivrière), with the association Relocalisons in Chennevières sur Marne.

Wed 22 May06:00pm: Seed Dating, seeds barter, meal sharing! Organized by Seedbomb.net and Graines de troc! troc de graines, échange et partage de repas! Organisé par Seedbomb.net et Graines de troc!

Venue: Bois Dormoy, Paris.