Terms of Use

Seedbomb.net is the network to connect people interested in biodiversity, and particularly urban biodiversity.
As visitors or members of seedbomb.net, terms of use below are imposed to you

1.    Registration

Registration is free and open to every one.

While you register on seedbomb.net, you give some information: alias and geopgraphic localization. Those two information are visible. You can add more information : photographs, links to blog, social network, … If you do so, information will be visible too. Your Email will never be given. Your password is only known of you. Each member can change information on his profile page.

To delete your account, a mail to rebecca@seedbomb.net is enough. Your profile can be deleted if you violate french legislation.


2. Shared contents

Seedbomb.net decline  all responsability about profiles and contents shared by members and doesn’t  guarantee fiability of their information.

When you publish contents on seedbomb.net, you keep all your rights of property on your contents (photos, texts) and to use it as you want. You are responsible of your contents you share and you must have the rights to do it (texts and photos). Vous êtes est responsable des contenus que vous partagez et vous devez disposer des droits de diffusion de vos contenus (textes et/ou photos)You grant seedbomb.net a limited licence to share your contents via the website: on the blog, on twitter @seedbombnet, on Facebook, through links to your content. This limited license does not allow seedbomb.net to sell what you share on the website. While pubishing on seedbomb.net, you understand and accept that people might share your contents on other website with links to your contents.

If you think that your content (you have property rights) has been copied, modified or usurped and published on the website without your permission, please alert us, sending a mail to rebecca@seedbomb.net. Give details about the content concerned, the link to the original source, your name, adress, email. Seedbomb administrators will delete the content as soon as possible.

As members or visitors, you are commeeted to have no commercial utilization of any content shared by members or administrators.


3. Security

Seedbomb.net is a place to share. Browsing should be secured for visitors and members. Security of communication on the Internet can’t be guarantee. Nevertheless, as members or visitors you agree to this rules:

  • You won’t send and publish commercial messages without authorization,
  • You won’t have information about members or contects using automatized methods,
  • You won’t send any virus,
  • You won’t ask connection information or acces to someone else acount,

Seedbomb.net decline all responsability about technical failures about the website, like access difficulties.


Seedbomb.net members will be informed if there is a change of this legal notice, in the weekly newsletter that comes just after the changes. 

Seedbomb.net is edited by Rebecca Armstrong and developed by Arnaud Mary.

It is hosted by Google App Engine, Mountain view, Californy.

Personal data collected on seedbomb.net are restricted to the website.  E-mails are used by Rebecca Armstrong for personal messages with each members and to send the weekly  newsletter.

You have the right to acces your data, to change or delete it. In that case, send an Email to rebecca@seedbomb.net.

As visitors or members of seedbomb.net, you agree to have no commercial exploitation  of any contents published by members or administrators of seedbomb.net.