ToitsVerts: High level meeting


ToitsVerts, who are you, where are you?

« Toitsverts » is a french graft, born on a british roof: Livingroofs.org.

A cutting found roots in the south of France and now try to become deeply rooted on other roofs, in the French-speaking world.

Living roof

« Toitsverts » tries to connect people, on twitter, on facebook to create a wide network of urban nature lovers - because it's not only about green roofs but the issue is "BiodiverCity"! The "all sedum" trend should be passed off, to create real places for biodiversity, with local plants and flowers for pollinators! 

Even little places are welcome! A garage, a potting shed or even a kennel with a green roof - there will always be a bee to say thank you!


When did you created this project? Which goals have you?

Its birth - in 2010 - came from a beautiful meeting between two nature lovers - Dusty Gedge (aka @greenroofsuk) and @Pescalune - virtual meeting first (thanks twitter!!), then IRL (In Real Life).

This friendship gave birth in springtime 2011 to an experimental little green roof, in a garden in the south of France. Then a web friendship has been developed in France and worldwide - a great enriching adventure ! 

 Livingroofs website created a French pageNature en Toit has been created too, its president is Philippe Peiger.

« Toitsverts » goal is simply to motivate people... Our facebook page, like @Toitsverts on twitter, tries to spread informations on this topic, to reach as much people as possible, about green roofs and also urban nature ! 

Our main target is to bring back biodiversity in cities, by every possible way, to create "BiodiverCity" !


If I could travel to discover remarkable green roof, where sould I go? 

Each green roof, even the smallest, is remarkable ;-)

I think you can find beautiful ones worldwide... I had no occasion to visit, but in pictures... I'm sure Dusty could name ones in an interview ;-)


Do you have main events in mind for 2013?

Wait and see...


How did you find seedbomb.net?

One again I have to say "Thanks twitter !" I discovered seedbomb by chance, few weeks before the official launching.


Does the word "BiodiverCity" inspire you?

As I said before, « Toitsverts » is not only for roofs but for green walls, urban nature as well - so YES ! 

All this is related, to reach an utopic target... See green everywhere in our cities !


ToitsVerts seedbomb page is here.