Seedbombs from L.A., when ecology & social meet


Los Angeles... At first sight, this town makes me think of cinema's studio, cars everywhere, sun, château Marmont. But, if I search, opening eyes, I found treasures. Kim & Daniel are ones of this treasures. Thanks to them, L.A. has a new face, I should say a new landscape... Encounter with those entrepreneurs, part of the movement for BiodiverCity...

Common studio, Who are you, where are you?

COMMONStudio consists of Daniel Phillips & Kim Karlsrud and we are located in Los Angeles. We both have a background in design - Danny in Architecture and Landscape and Kim in Product.


Can you explain the origine of your project?

Greenaid Seedbombs started as a COMMONStudio project where we explored how to make guerrilla gardening more accessible to the public. It has since grown to deeply explore and understand the relationship between sustainable products and social enterprise.


Seedbombs are your main topic?

Our studio's main areas of focus are centered around adaptive reuse, alternative education, social enterprise, and urban ecology. At the moment seedbombs are a large part of the conversation but not necessarily the main focus. 2012 has been a wonderful year for us! (see our 2012 social impact report below)


To discover BiodiverCity in your town or around, where would you take me to?

The LA river. It encompasses all the odd nature and energy of the city.


Does the word BiodiverCity inspire you?

Sure does! It's a much better way of saying urban ecology.

Here is Greenaid social impact report 2012:

Green Aid impact report 2012

I promise, one day, I'll go to L.A. and meet Kim & Daniel!!


Greenaid is member of seedbomb.net and to learn more, go to their website!

Photos come from http://www.greenaid.co