Back to Belgium, with Jacques


Few weeks ago, we were in Belgium, where we discovered a lot of initiatives and activists for urban biodiversity. In association or individualy, they contribute to change our cities. Great! 

Today, we are going back to Brussels, to meet Jacques... 


My name is Jacques, I am a pensioner (in France, they say "retired", but the result is the same!)

Since 2003, I spend time on my passions about nature and its beauty: ornithology classes, nature-guide training, etc.

During these trainings, I have of course focused on understanding and sustaining biodiversity.

I crisscross the Bussels region, my NIKKON D300 in hands, to keep pictures, in particular all the places where Mother Nature takes its rights back: along the walls, on wastelands, etc.

How do you act, on your scale, for "BiodiverCity"? And this term, "BiodiverCity", is it inspiring for you?

I am far from being an activist in the field of biodiversity inside the cities.  Still I'm trying to promote it: garden a little bit wild, very open to "weeds" and wild plants, small ponds, food for birds in winter, plants on the street façade, etc...


What are, in your point of view, the major actors of "BiodiverCity" in Belgium?

I think we all are a little "actors" in this urban biodiversity. It's just a matter of information: meeting people, writing articles on my blogs (see links below), etc.


If I was to come to Belgium, where would you take me to discover "BiodiverCity"? 

I think in particular of the public parks and natural reserves in the Brussels region (like the site of "Rouge-Cloître").



Jacques blogs:

Jacques is on seedbomb, here.