Sweden, let's meet Ulrika!


Ulrika, who are you? Where are you?

I'm a Swedish city gardener, garden writer, journalist and photographer. I live in Stockholm.

You wrote a book, could you tell us more?

For several years now I have been writing about urban farms, allotment gardens, city gardening and guerrilla gardening. Recently I published a book on the subject - "Street smart gardening" or in Swedish: "Gatsmart odling" - with examples from different types of urban gardens, tips and advices on to create a kitchen garden of your own on the balcony, the small garden outside the house, or in the park.

Which are the most amazing initiatives you discover while writing your book?

I think the most amazing thing is the bloke that has a urban farm in Gothenburg, the second biggest city in Sweden, including pigs! I also like a initiative with movable greenhouses. Thats really nice. When the temporary city garden has to move to a new place, you just bring the greenhouses along.Ulrika's Blog

What does the word "BiodiverCity" mean for you?

For me it's a city that is alive, with bees, beautiful flowers, grass that moves in the wind, children picking apples from the trees and people moving along the streets without being in a hurry. BiodiveriCity is also finding a way to maintain and develop the city and to make it a really nice place to live and work in where people takes responsibility for the environment and the future by creating nice habitats for people, vegetation, animals and insects.


How did you find seedbomb.net?

It's so nice to see that there are urban farms all over the world! Especially right now in February when it just won't stop snowing here in Stockholm and theUlrika summer season feels really far away...


Ulrika has a blog - in Swedish - and also a Facebookpage

Within some days Ulrika also will start publish texts on the Architect Museum blog: it's also just in Swedish…