Graines de Troc - "Barter seeds"


The  "GrainesDeTroc" project is an individual initiative inspired by the Colibris movement which invites everyone to "do one's part", born in the Paris 18th sector. 
I have reconverted and went to the market gardening and, as I progressed through trainings and experiments, it has been easy to see how much biodiversity is neglected.
Old  types of vegetables, like old toys, would only be good to store in the attic...

By dint of gleaning a few seeds, discovering Kokoppelli and their wonderful work, a passion for seeds, for biodiversity, has awoken.

The project's bricks: a complementary currency, bartering, seeds, and a small dose of informatic challenge to build a system between the local exchanges system ("SEL" in French) and the online seeds bank.
Not only the project works, but as every exchange testifies, it is generous.
I am astonished by the member's enthusiasm and testimonies, and sometimes they can't believe the easyness and quickness of the exchanges, without speaking about the fact it is free!
I am aware that the simple exchange on the Internet doesn't have to absorb the richness of local bartering to which the website leaves an important place.
It's also an opportunity to rediscover a very simple and exciting knowledge, the pleasure of making one's own seeds, understanding life from the beginning to the end and to see one's garden in a different way.
Are there any highlights expected in 2013 about your project?
 There a re several highlights:
The first anniversary: in May, where the platform will be opened to all countries, in French, English and Spanish.
The constitution of an association so any motivated person can go on with the initiative.
The website will also provide a training area for gardeners by gardeners.
To discover the "BiodiverCity" in your area, in which cities would you take me to and which projects would you make me discover? 
The website that has left the biggest mark on me as today, is the working-class fraternities garden in Mouscron.
The place already accommodates a luxuriant garden-forest, in plain town, and an immense generosity from the keepers of the place.
But it also shelters an impressive collection of 6000 types of seeds abounding on the shelves. A treasure...
And this term, "BiodiverCity", is it inspiring for you?
My project of working as a market-gardener is in fact a micro-urban farm.
It seems to me that it is a citizen way to sensibilize to the consumer's action, directly at the city's doors.
I look forwards to "BiodiverCitying".
Graines de Troc has his own page on seedbomb.net! :)