BiodiverCity in Brussels, by Kate


This week, I feel like a trip in Belgium... I met great people...

Kate, who are you? Where are you?
I'm 46 years old, live in Brussels, alone with a 17 years old girl, I had to stop working and, I undergo crisis like any single-parent family. So I asked myself how to live well, reducing my consumption. I love environment, animals et I feel very concerned in human poverty in the world, including poverty in our rich countries...

How do you act on your scale for BiodiverCity?

I'm a biginner in BiodiverCity... My awareness is not old, although I'm vegetarian for years. I have the chance to have a little garden, and I like the idea to help nature grows inside my place in Brussels. I already like biodiversity that settles down withouth asking me anything. I've decided to add a kitchen garden, even if the place is cramped. Cause I don't really know how to do, I've started to learn thanks to "Etterbeek participative gardens", the city next to mine, with the project to do at home what I learn and, next springtime, to see vegetables grow! I already have 3 strawberry plants and one blackcurrent bush.

The word "BiodiverCity" does it inspire you?

The word "BiodiverCity" inspire me the deep and vital necessity for urban human beings to go back to our roots (that's the word!) and to contribute as we can to save the planet acting for downshifting, abstemiousness, industrial refusal. I go without everything: meat, car, ... My electricity is green, I try to become ethical little by little and urban nature seems to me to happily and faithfully thumb one nose at rational pessimism... It's my way to fight for happyness and life.

If I come to Belgium, where would you go with me to discover BiodiverCity?

As I'm a beginner, I can't really take you to the belgian greatest places of BiodiverCity. But here are what I found in Brussels and that could interest you: a rooftop kitchen garden at the royal librairy, collective gardens, ... (see the links below).

How did you discover seedbomb.net?

On tweeter, in the early moments of its launching... :)

 Royal librairy

Kate's link:

Kate is on seedbomb, voici sa page!