Biocité, a young firm in Montreal...


Biocité, Who are you, where are you?

BioCité is a young firm in Montreal, working for urban agriculture and edible urban landscape since march 20e12. Founded by Julien Yensen Martin, its vision is to contribute to a green city coming, sustainable and responsible, where each familycan grow locally its own food.

How did you have the desire to create Biocité?
Before creating Biocité, I always been living in urban area, in Montreal but also in Dublin (Ireland) and Berlin (Germany). Even if I love my city, I often felt a lack of connexion with nature. During my travels in Europe, I discovered a passion for environnement and agriculture thanks to « WWOFING ». I lived and work in farms, I discovered traditions and the relationship that people  in countryside, have with nature, bad weather, and so on. It opened my way...
What's coming out this year?
Several gardens I hope, and also improvment of the bottles garden.

To discover Biodivercity around you, where would you take me to? 

Montreal, what else ! :) To see initiatives in universities, citizens initiatives also!
Biocité has its own page on seedbomb, here.
SO, now I just have to go to Montreal to see all this initiatives, sprouting out everywhere in the city...